Custom App Development Case Studies

EvolveLAB's team of design application specialist can build any tool you can dream up.  Whether you are looking for a progressive iterative planning tool, some sweet dynamic dashboard or simply to automate a repetitive task like pushing data from Revit to Excel, our team can help.  We have extensive experience with Dynamo, JSON, C#, C++, and are very familiar with the Revit API

Data-Driven Design For 

EvolveLAB was brought on to help Atlas Group London develop an end to end solution for healthcare design, documentation, and procurement in areas of the world that need healthcare the most.  We are excited to be working on such a progressive project disrupting many traditional construction processes, but we are most excited to be teaming with a group that believes in leaving the world better than when we came into it.

Generative Design.gif

Solar Optimization

EvolveLAB built a custom solar optimization application for Mortenson Construction.  The tool interrogated thousands of options, and presented the user with the most optimal solutions based on the desired goals.

FFE Sheet Generator

EvolvLAB built out a custom FFE sheet generator for Alley Poyner Machietto Architects.  The script utilizing Dynamo player with a custom user interface.  The tool allows the user to pick which furniture or equipment to harvest.  From here, it auto-creates an 8.5x11 sheet with an image of the furniture or equipment with the make and model number as well as the count of the equipment.

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