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Computational Construction™ Case Studies

Computational construction is the process of leveraging data-driven solutions as well as task automation for construction teams and their trades.  There are many application for computational construction including QR code generation, hanger load analysis, and generative modular construction processes.  EvolveLAB works with many General Contractors and their subs to automate repetitive tasks or leverage computational construction to make better decisions.

Generative Modular Construction

EvolveLAB helped a construction company that specialized in structural systems in the modular construction space.  We leveraged computational constructionprocesses to apply their proprietary connections, frames, and plates to multiple building typologies. 

Hanger Heat Map

EvolveLAB helped Mortenson Construction with a computational heat map tool that was driven by the hanger locations in a project.  This helped the construction team appropriately identify the structural locations needed for the hanger.  There were two majore goals. Create Organic heat mpa based on placement of hangers, and a matrix heat map based on the structural sub-bays.

Construction Automation

The framing, panels, and plates on the project were modeled in Rhino and Grasshopper crating a model drop and data drop chasm between Rhino and Revit.  EvolveLAB created an interoperability routine with Rhino.Inside that converted the rhino geometry to native Revit adaptive components including chamfered ends, slotted holes, and custom plates.  This overcame the model drop chasm between Rhino and Revit saving the team months of remodeling in Revit.  Further each panel, frame, and plate's data was uniquely populated in the project's Revit parameters based on the geometry's georeferenced location on the project overcoming the data drop chasm saving the team months of time in data entry.

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