Give a Technologist a script, and they'll press play. Teach them Dynamo, and they'll automate everything.

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Intro Dynamo Training Topics

The intro training is perfect for those who have never worked with parametric modeling before.

  • Working with Data and List Structures

  • Leveraging the Dynamo Package Manager

  • Understanding computational vs. parametric design

  • How to manipulate geometry and masses

  • How to automate the documentation process

  • Using Dynamo to place Revit families in the model

  • Attendees will build scripts that: 

    • Auto-elevate rooms

    • Create floor levels

    • Assign scope boxes to dependent views

    • Renumber rooms from a model curve

Advanced Dynamo Training Topics

Advanced Training Topics are for those who have some experience with Dynamo, other parametric modeling experience, or are Revit power-users.

  • Working with adaptive components 

  • Implementing code blocks

  • Interoperability solutions

  • Manipulating model object parameters

  • Data extraction and model checking

  • Creating charts and gaining insights

  • Attendees will develop bespoke scripts 

Free EvolveLAB Dynamo Resources

Dynamo LABLive

We have over 5 hours of Dynamo training videos compiled just for you to dig into. 

Good Reads

EvolveLAB generates white papers on a variety of topics, not just Dynamo.


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