Client Name

Atlas Group London

Project Name

ICAS Platform

Tools Used

Forge, Revit, Unifier, Dynamo

How We Helped

EvolveLAB helped Atlas Group London leverage the Forge platform to create an end to end connection for design, construction, and procurement.  We leveraged Dynamo to create a proof of logic within the generative floor plan corridor branching algorithms.

We then created a proof of logic that associated Revit room prototypes to the Dynamo floor plan generator.

Next, we associated healthcare room prototypes from the healthcare standards and associated the rooms to the floor plan generator algorithm.  The room locations are modular and can be swapped out for other room prototypes.  

Now that the proof of logic is complete, we have begun creating an intuitive user interface using the Autodesk Forge Platform to interact with the generatively designed model

We have also created an end to end connection with Oracle Unifier for cost, fulfillment, and procurement.

Now we are in the final stages of wrapping everything up into a nice concise user interface for the team at Atlas Group London.

For a complete overview of the ICAS platform that EvolveLAB created for Atlas Group London, please watch the video below.

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