Client Name

Mortenson Construction

Project Name


Tools Used

Revit, Dynamo, JSON, AVF, and Custom Application Development

How We Helped

EvolveLAB cross engineered an existing dynamo script that Mortenson had started, and augmented the existing workflow to do the following:

  1. Gather All Hangers

  2. Mapped all the floor structural bays into sub-bays

  3. Overlayed the structural floors with the specific heat maps

    • Organic heat map based on hanger placement​

    • Matrix heat map based on structural hanger sub-bays.

Further EvolveLAB authored a custom Revit add-in that would overlay a pixilated color heat map directly within the Revit model utilizing AVF technology.

Dynamo Revit Heat Map.png
Dynamo BIM Heat Map.gif
Dynamo Heat Map 2.gif
Revit Heat Map 2.png
Dynamo Heat Map 3.gif
Dynamo Heat Map 4.png
Dynamo Heat Map 5.png
Heat Map Dynamo Revit.gif

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