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Beyond BIM Podcast - Computational and Generative Design

3:15 What would you describe Computational Design and Data-Driven Design to be?

4:10 How has data-driven design Evolved?

5:35 Has architects' creative approach changed as a result of Generative Design?

7:30 Are there certain project types that lend themselves to Generative Design?

8:40 What are some of the common challenges that you would use Generative/Computational Design for?

9:58 Can you consider building regulations into Computational Design?

10:55 What are the challenges of implementing Computational Design?

12:30 Do architects and engineers need to learn to code?

14:30 Is the future full autonomy? Will jobs become obsolete?

17:20 How is machine learning apply to generative design?

19:00 Where would a firm or a person go to start to learn computational design?

20:15 Are there other computational design tools beyond Grasshopper/Dynamo?

22:05 Are there more computational design startups coming to the market?

24:25 What advice would you give an individual that wants to start implementing these technologies at their firm?


Tools mentioned: ,,,


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