Patrick Milligan

Full Stack Developer

Software Engineer, Maker, and HEMA Enthusiast from small-town Oregon, Patrick Conner is EvolveLAB’s resident software development specialist. Leveraging his Bachelor's in Computer Science, learnings from time as an Automation Engineer and Warehouse Systems Manager for KÜHL Clothing, and experience running a six-person game development startup for four years before college; Patrick hopes to bolster long-term team efficiency through scalable, maintainable architecture and automating frequent, mundane tasks.

While it is true that you’re most likely to find Patrick behind a computer screen with a pot of coffee trying to iron out ‘just one more bug’, he may also be found outside working on his swordsmanship, building yet another table at the local makerspace, hiking and/or quad riding in the middle-of-nowhere, or simply playing DnD and/or Smash Bros at a friend’s house.

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