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Training Case Studies

EvolveLAB offers many trainings and in-office workshops including in the following Softwares - Revit, Dynamo, Rhino/Grasshopper, Project Refinery, and many other BIM softwares.  We also offer process-focused workshops including "Detailing in Revit", "Shared Coordinates", and "Algorithmic solution-finding".  Our approach is just-in-time on-demand and as-needed training when you need it most.  We also offer virtual presentations and support giving you the flexibility to attend where you want and when you want.

Revit Data Management Training for OZ Architecture

OZ Architecture needed some help training their staff in Revit data management.  EvolveLAB facilitated the training in their office and gave the staff the skill of data interoperability  with Revit and other programs.  We looked at bidirectionally sending data to and from excel and Revit, as well as looking at how you can manage data with Revit schedules.  It was blast hanging out with the OZ team, and OZ Architecture greatly benefited from the knowledge they learned.

Computational Workshop

Denver was looking for an outsider's perspective on where the industry is going.  EvolveLAB was invited to give a talk on computational design and the future of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.  Many topics were covered including form rationalization with Grasshopper, interoperability with Hummingbird, and computational design utilizing dynamo.

Revit on- boarding for new employees

EvolveLAB helped onboard OZ architecture's new team members on how to use Revit specifically at OZ Architecture.  This included IBC code analysis using OZ's native Revit Code tools, utilizing OZ's detailing library, and implement keynoting.

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