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Computational Design

What if you were able to optimize your project needs whether they were programmatic requirements, daylighting, energy calculations, or structural performance utilizing data-driven design solutions?  That's exactly what we do.  We help Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and owners implement data-driven design solutions on the projects most important to them and their clients.  

Training & BIM Support

Many firms know they need to make the leap into Building Information Modeling, but don't have the overhead for a full-time BIM Manager.  By leveraging our on-demand as-needed Design Technologist you are able to execute the same tasks a large firm can including Revit template creation, family creation, or parametric modeling.  Our trainings are not your typical off the shelf training.  We pride ourselves in creating custom just-in-time workshops targeted to learn the objectives most important to you and your staff. 


3D Coordination

We believe you can build it before you build it.  EvolveLAB works with general contractors, subcontractors, and owners to 3D coordinate construction projects.  We leverage 3D clash avoidance and digital twin technology to minimize risk and reduce conflicts that would have otherwise been issued during construction.  This technology helps you to catch these issues before construction starts to keep the project on schedule and within budget.


Custom Application Development
Got an idea for an app or an add-in to improve or automate your workflow, but not quite sure how to make it a reality?  Our team of developers help speak your ideas into existence using Agile software development principles and a bang for buck matrix. EvolveLAB is an Autodesk Certified Developer and has extensive experience building out custom BIM applications.  Reach out to us today for a quote.

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Reality Capture
Don't waste time on site with inconsistent and inefficient ways to capture existing conditions.  Our sister company On Point Scanning helps capture and document existing conditions for as-builts and construction progress.  We use much more accurate technologies such as Lidar and photogrammetry scanning with optimal industry standard tolerances.  If you can see it we can scan it.  We scan all over the continental United states, so reach out to us today for a quote.


What Our Clients Say...

“EvolveLAB was excellent to work with.  I couldn't imagine getting to the solution that we did without them.  A deliverable was provided that exceed the expectaton all while being on schedule and on budget.”

—  Taylor Cupp, Technologist

     Mortenson Construction


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