Convert SketchUp to Revit

We are excited to introduce to you Helix, the first interoperability tool that converts SketchUp faces and components to Revit walls, doors, windows, roofs, and curtainwalls.  The families are fully schedulable and use your firm's Revit template and content.  Simply map your SketchUp file using the Helix interface and send your geometry over to Revit as real Revit Geometry!

Helix Tutorial

Follow the below tutorial to learn how to synchronize your Revit content with SketchUp, map components, and send walls, doors, windows, roofs, and curtainwalls from SketchUp over to Revit.

We have just updated Helix and want your feedback and how it works for you and your firm!  Apply now to be part of our closed Beta of Helix!  Sync your firm's library, and try out the new and improved mapping tools!

Request Access to Closed Helix Beta

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