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Bento is a collection of simple free Revit addins that help architects, engineers, and contractors in the day to day tasks while working in Revit. These tools span a wide range of automations from generating model elements, controlling point cloud visibility, numbering views on sheets, and more.

Revit® supported versions: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

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revit views

Quickly and easily customize the detail numbers of your Revit views, allowing you to make changes with a few clicks of your mouse. Forget the headache and frustration of manual renumbering - this tool makes it simple and efficient to adjust your view detail numbers any way you want.

Point cloud visibility

When tracing point clouds within Revit, do you sometimes find yourself wanting to turn the point cloud on/off to better visualize what is drawn versus what is the point cloud?  This mini plugin turns the visibility of point cloud files on and off from a Revit ribbon button or can be tied to a keyboard shortcut for maximum efficiency! Download these free plugins to help with your scan to BIM workflows today!

Generate Ceilings

Generate multiple ceilings with a single click. Simply select rooms to create ceilings for, utilizing the searchable list feature, set the ceiling height and type, and click generate!

*Only available for Revit 2022 and up.


Open Multiple Views

Have you ever been that in Revit you have to individually double-click on each view in the project browser to open it, as well as wait for the previous view to open before clicking on the next one?

Well, with this tool, you can select multiple views from your project browser, and open them all at once! We even built it options to allow you to close all other views, as well as tile and group (by view type) all your newly opened views.

Open Selected Views with UI.gif

...And Many More!

We're always working on new tools, so give Bento a try to see what other features may be hidden inside!

The Model Size Checker is our latest addition, which allows you to see the size of your local or cloud model, workshared or non, with the click of a button! No more navigating through folders, or seeing incorrect sizes of bloated cloud models!

Have an idea for a new feature? Use the links below to let us know!


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