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Ben Guler

Chief Technology Officer

As a design technology fanatic, Ben has been a vital driver for computational design, process management, and standardization. With a gamut of technological avenues at his disposal, he has successfully identified and executed appropriate solutions for a robust set of project deliveries. His architectural background, knowledge of BIM platforms and software engineering allows for a technological bridge that is critical to being effective in the computational design paradigm. As a husband and father, Ben enjoys going on hikes with his wife and daughter and occasional archery range sessions. With Ben's experience in C# and Python, he has experience writing custom Revit Add-ins and stand-alone software to help tie the AEC market together. If you have custom add-in or tool you are itching to have built, please reach out to Ben as he is excited to start helping flex his coding muscles and come up with a solution for you. Ben also has extensive experience using Dynamo to automate task and create solutions to complex design challenges. He also leverages Dynamo often to storyboard out his custom Revit add-ins.

Ben Guler
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