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The Inspiration Behind Our New Logo

Our original Idea for our first Logo was a parametric 3D logo, which we felt represented the computational design division of our business. My partner, Bill Allen, actually built the Logo in Rhino and wrote a script in Grasshopper to get the original logo to undulate and splay to the appropriate definition.

As time has gone on we have 'evolved' our logo with a fresh new design as well as updated our website to have a consistent look, feel, & brand. This is now the logo you see today.

We decided to streamline the font and add hot pink to represent the innovation and modern identity of our brand. We also added our origami of triangles to still touch on our computational design expertise. This was actually incorporated from our first video and the credit goes to our Video producer Brandon Lied from Steel Rock Films. He used this special feature on the video and this represented little windows where the video was playing and could be viewed.

Let us know what you think of our new LOGO!

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