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Making The Most Out of The Dynamo Player

In this discussion we will cover 4 main topics

1. Understanding of what Dynamo is and where it's at now

2. Awareness of key Dynamo Packages to have

3. Learn about the resources available

4. Learn how to create Dynamo Player workflows with user interfaces Data Set -!Avd-6xjpUFd6heRBU06agUuNVmV7jg

Are you interested in having us host a Dynamo Workshop in your office? Reach out to Bill at

Got a custom script you want built? We like those too! Reach out, and we'll be happy to code something up for you.

John Pierson is a Computational BIM Specialist at EvolveLAB. John has presented at Revit Technology Conference where he was rated as one of the top 5 speakers. He is an active member in the Dynamo community and currently manages Rhythm; which is among the top 10 most downloaded Dynamo packages.



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