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Artificial Intelligence Vs. Machine Learning

Article Review on Artficial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning. "This video is part of the story, What Is Machine Learning? It's a Path to Limitless Human Creativity provided by Autodesk's Redshift". Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is the idea of a computer demonstrating or illustrating intelligent 'thinking'. The computer is programmed to follow a set of rules making decisions as it crosses certain opportunities in that cross its path. With these opportunities for decision making, the computer is still very limited on it's knowledge. It will never surpass what it's current computer IQ is if you will. Machine learning Machine learning is actually the process of a computer learning. One of the most amazing things about "Machine Learning" is that often computers can learn so quickly by analyzing mass amounts of data while humans can only learn a small finite amount of information in a finite amount of time. Combining the power of infinite computing and big data, the computer takes it to a whole another level. Application to Architects, Engineers, and Contractors How do these concepts get applied to Architecture, Engineering, and Construction? When we "design, analyze, update, repeat", we are only able to analyze so many variations. What if the computer was able to analyze and iterate thousands of options "learning" the best options base on a set of rules, guides, and criteria? This is moving from the #BuildingInformationModeling age to the #BuildingInformationOptimazation age. In a sense, the computer gives you, the human SUPER POWERS.



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