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Iterative Design With Dynamo Packages

Ryan Cameron with DLR Group invited John and I on the Dynamo Next show to discuss form rationalization and computational design with Dynamo Packages. We looked at various tools integrating with Dynamo including FormIt and Revit.

During the session we looked at the new graph mappers as part of the celery package. If you are missing your graph mappers in grasshopper when working in Dynamo, the celery package is here to save the day.

We also look at Dynamo Player which gives your team the ability to work with Dynamo scripts without the intimidation of the spaghetti mess. Below is an example of dynamo player randomizing revit curtainwall mullions.

Data visualization was also discussed using Archi-Lab's Mandrill package. You can take the data you visualize, and send it to a PDF. Awesome stuff coming from these guys!

Please enjoy this Dynamo session where we discuss how to give you, the designer super powers!

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