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Bulk Upgrade Revit Families With Dynamo

Every year or every few years, most firms go through the process of upgrading their library from the latest version of Revit to the current. There is really no reason to upgrade libraries manually as there are a few bulk-upgrade add-ins you can purchase or download for free. That said, the task can also be accomplished with Dynamo with just 6 simple nodes. You will have to use the Clockwork package and the Rhythm package to make this one work.

1. Directory Path

Use the Directory Path to point to where you want to upgrade your files at.

2. Directory Contents

Use the Clockwork Directory.Contents+ Node instead of the Dynamo out of the box one. The Clockwork node allows you to look into sub-folders while the out of the box one is only one folder.

3. Filter Code Block

Using the "*.rfa" in the search string allows us to attempt to open ONLY Revit family files. This is especially important if you have type catalogs in a .txt format.

4. Open & Close Files

Using the Rhythm open and close documents nodes is pretty straight forward. Open File. Close File. Don't forget to set SAVE with a Boolean node!

Check it out in action...

This script does upgrade the families where they are, so make sure you upgrade them in a copy of your original library!

To download this EvolveLAB dynamo script click here:!Avd-6xjpUFd6iYFXvUX-D5WPxGTrZg

Got a script you want us to build for you or your firm? We do that too. Reach out to Bill at to get a quote for your dynamo script!



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