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'EvolveLAB' Dynamo Package - Assembly Updates

In the last few months, while working with several different clients here at EvolveLAB, we’ve seen considerable efficiency boosts when incorporating Dynamo into traditional Assembly workflows.

Generating assembly sheets like these is pretty easy with Dynamo, and it doesn’t really change your workflow very much; it only augments your toolset.

We create the assembly instance here by simply selecting the elements that you want to be in the assembly and by selecting a category that will govern the assembly instance. You can also name it right off the bat, which is pretty neat!

Then, we can go ahead and pass in a list of different view types that we’d like to be created. The green list in the image below shows a bunch of the options for this. We pretty simply make a list of the names of the different view types that we’d like to create and pass those across to generate those views.

We can then create a sheet for the assembly instance! Complete with naming standard and title block type!

Lastly, we pass in a list of points that dictate where the views that we created should be placed on the sheet. Pretty simple. You can also use this last piece of the graph to place views on existing sheets!

You can find this and other example graphs of our Dynamo package like this:

Essentially, the /extra folder in the package has examples showing how to use all of our nodes. Stay tuned for additional updates to the EvolveLAB Dynamo Package!



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