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'EvolveLAB' Dynamo Package Update - Elevations

Recently, we’ve had many questions about automatic placement of elevation markers in rooms by all kinds of different criteria!

So in the spirit of things, we went ahead and added some functionality for placing elevations to our Dynamo Package (‘EvolveLAB’)!

Above, we can create an elevation given the elevation type name and then a point where to place the elevation. This workflow has the user simply selecting a room. The nice part about this is then we can automatically name and generate all the elevation views associated to that marker! Pretty cool stuff.

These two nodes at the end populate the elevation views on the marker by index.

You can find this (and other) example graphs of our Dynamo package like this:

The /extra folder in the package has examples showing how to use all of our nodes. This concludes our latest series of updates to the 'EvolveLAB' Dynamo package!

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