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The Revit Matrix - 5 Hacks, Tips or Tricks You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Have you ever been frustrated with limitations within Revit? Have you ever wanted to bend the rules of reality and get Revit to bend to your will? In this LAB Live session, we look at a series of Hacks, Tips, and Tricks within Revit that you didn't know existed.

1. Model Revit railing as curtainwall

Ever been frustrated with the Revit railing tools, specifically glass panel guardrails? I know I have. Did you know you can model these railings using the Revit curtain wall, and slope the mullions to looks like a handrail? This little technique is much more stable and easier to model this condition. Watch out though for Revit categories as your railing is now a curtainwall! ;)

2. Use an elevation family that looks like a window tag

What about linking your window tags to window elevations? Natively in Revit it's not possible, but with building an elevation with the graphics of a window tag, you can now elevate a window, and live link it to the sheet! What about windows of the same type? Reference view those, and you are good to go! Caveat: Note that if you window updates to a different window, the tag won't update!

3. Nested detail components in 3D families

Have you ever spent countless hours dropping 2D components over top your live wall section? Did you know you can nest 2D components into 3D elements? This is extremely useful for curtainwall as well as fireproofing for columns/beams. Use this little nugget to speed up your detailing!

4. Mass Update Data - Uncheck Itemize Every Instance

I was blown away when I first found about this workflow. In Revit, if you uncheck "itemize every instance", and fill out the row, and then re-check "itemize every instance" the data is filled out. Boom! Now that is working smarter, not harder! :)

5. Key Schedule Hack

Key schedules are a mysterious tool allowing you to assign parameter values based on keys, i.e. assign a specific base finish to all 1 Bedroom Bathrooms, or assign a tile finish to kitchens. Did you know you can actually hijack these key schedule for just data entry purposes? This workflow is better for general building notes, and other tabular information. You probably should not use this workflow for dumb data input.



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