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New Dynamo Scripts and Revit Content Families!

You heard us right - we've been busy developing a ton of new products (and we're just getting started). Here's what we're releasing to the world in January 2019.

BOMA 2010 Toolkit

Eliminate the data-drop between Revit and Excel by completing all of your BOMA calculations with native schedules and a one-touch Dynamo script. No extra packages, no hidden nodes, no python... just some DesignScript, list structures, and creative formatting.

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BOMA 2010 Toolkit

IBC 2015 Toolkit

Improve your process of tracking your IBC classifications by assigning the data to Area or Room objects. Then save yourself the headache of managing this information time and again, by running the Dynamo script to automatically calculate and tag custom parameters.

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Revit Content Libraries

We build families… lots and lots of families. We build so many families that EvolveLAB needed to declare them as dependents on our 2018 taxes. Come check out our window and door families.

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