EvolveLAB Announces New Ceiling Generator

The problem: Placing ceilings one by one can be a very time-consuming task, even with the Revit "Automatic" Ceiling function.

You can also place ceilings with "sketch mode". This gives some really nice flexibility of your ceiling shape and location.

However, neither of these solutions allow you to mass populate a building with ceilings based on a set of rules or requirements. Solution: With that, EvolveLAB is announcing the EvolveLAB "Ceiling Generator". This tool allows you to auto-place ceilings in your project related to their respective room! In this case, all bedrooms can get a ceiling type. All bathrooms can get a ceiling type, and so on. Further, you have control over the ceiling height and type when generating the ceilings.

Please note, because of Revit API limitations, the ceiling generator is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR REVIT 2022. To Download the Ceiling Generator, please follow this link!


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