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Generative Design and the Power of Data-Driven Automation

AI, machine learning, and other digital tools are changing what’s possible for architecture. Bill Allen shares his thoughts.

From Generative Design to Automation (video: 1:49 min.)

Data-Driven Design (video: 1:37 min.)

Why Connected Data Matters (video: 1:37 min.) These videos were recorded on-site at Autodesk University.

Generative design brings the scale, speed, and precision of algorithmic problem-solving to the building design process, while computational design enables you to automate routine tasks and create more advanced geometries with less work. Originally part of Project Fractal, then Project Refinery, these technologies are now included in Revit 2021, enabling you to set constraints and requirements for your designs, generate options, then evaluate and optimize them based on data. Bill Allen of EvolveLAB sat down with us at AU Las Vegas 2017 when these technologies were first becoming available, and his thoughts remain relevant today. About the speaker Bill Allen is CEO and president of EvolveLAB, Disrupt Repeat, and On Point Scans. These firms synergistically help architects, engineers, and contractors optimize the built environment. He has over 15 years of experience managing technology for buildings in the AEC industry. He has been a keynote speaker and featured speaker at multiple events, and he led the most-watched Autodesk University talk ever, The Future of BIM Will Not Be BIM, and It's Coming Faster Than You Think. Bill has also co-founded The Bare Roots Foundation, a nonprofit organization that believes each human being deserves the right to basic needs including shelter, food, and clean drinking water. Related learning Want to hear more about the future of BIM? Check out this related content: The Future of BIM Is Not BIM, And It's Coming Faster Than You Think - The Sequel At AU 2019, Bill Allen followed up on his massively popular AU 2016 class. In this most recent session, he continues to discuss the changes generative design and computational design are bringing to architecture. Crossing the Data-Driven Chasm Looking for big ideas and industry insights about BIM and the possibilities for digital architecture? Bill Allen shares his thoughts in this AU 2019 Theater presentation. Construction Future – Aggregating and Analyzing Data Using Forge and BI Platforms Learn how Saipem is pulling data from a range of sources to get a better perspective on their projects.




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