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The Generative Design Collaborative

There is a lot of dialogue happening in the AEC Generative Design space, and it's difficult to keep track of all the moving parts as well as all the conversations. With that, I wanted to put together a central repository to keep track of the conversation and happenings of all things Generative Design. I will continue to add to this list as the conversation continues to Evolve, but I hope it's as helpful to the AEC community as it is to me personally.

Generative Design Conversation Thread

According to Autodesk, generative design allows for a more integrated workflow between human and computer. According to Autodesk, this workflow involves the following stages:

1. Generate 2. Analyze 3. Rank 4. Evolve 5. Explore 6. Integrate After choosing a favorite design option, the designer uses or integrates this design into the wider project or design work.

Image courtesy of Autodesk

Generative Design is Doomed to Fail:

Daniel Davis

Is Generative Design Doomed to Fail?:

Bill Allen

Thoughts on the future of Generative Design in AEC from an engineering perspective:

Regimantas Ramanauskas

Generative Design is here to stay:

Yair Schwarts, PhD

How Will Generative Design Impact Architecture?

Eduardo Souza

What does the Generative Design Tool in Revit 2021 represent for the AEC industry's future?

Productized Generative Design Tools

Testfit is a simple generative design and co-creation tool that allows a user to get a site TestFit in seconds for multifamily development. They have also started to address storage, modular, and parking.

Hypar is an open platform allowing developers to create their own modules that plug into Hypar for generative design and solution-finding.

Unitize enables designers to automatically generate residential layouts for building masses inside Revit.

Finch is a tool for Architects to leverage their designs in the early phases of a project. Right now it’s under development and will be launched during 2020.

World-First artificial intelligence helps property professionals find profitable development sites, assess for feasibility and generate dozens of architectural design strategies


PARAFIN accelerates the lengthy, complex, and costly site acquisition process by rapidly generating optimized design concepts, budgets, and investment proforma for real estate developers.


Spacemaker has developed a game-changing AI technology that helps users discover smarter ways to maximize the potential of a building site. Their product lets the user generate and explore a multitude of site proposals, sort out the best ones, and provides detailed analyses for each of them. It enables a fantastic level of insight and a collaborative workflow among architects, engineers, real estate developers, and municipalities.


Asterisk is a web application enabling designers to develop, filter, and compare structural designs and metrics from just a building massing.

Swapp Link - Description - Swapp is a construction-planning technology company for ground-up and renovation projects, that partners with top real estate developers to maximize building efficiency and minimize construction costs.

GAN-enabled Floor Plan Generation

In this article, Stanislas Chaillou unveils some of their recent results and methodologies implemented at Spacemaker AI’s R&D department over the past quarter. This project is one of many ongoing research initiatives, aiming at supporting Spacemaker’s long term vision.

Free generative design tools created by the grasshopper community

Proving Ground

Generative Design LinkedIn Group:




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