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VERAS: now available for Autodesk Forma!

What's Veras for Forma All About?

We're thrilled to announce that Veras has now expanded its horizons! Say hello to Veras for Forma, a groundbreaking integration of our suite of innovative tools. This new addition gives you all the functionality of Veras, but directly inside of Autodesk Forma!

Veras for forma - Quick start

Check out this quick start we put together to learn how to use Veras for Forma! Add the Veras For Forma extension here!

Autodesk University Forma Mainstage announcement

Did you know that we weren't the only excited about the new Veras for Forma release? It was highlighted in the AEC Design Industry Forum at Autodesk University just a few weeks ago! If you missed this session you can watch it here

Autodesk AI Development Manager Racel Amour announcing Veras for Autodesk Forma

What is Veras?

Veras is an AI-powered visualization app that uses your 3D model geometry as a substrate for creativity and inspiration. At the heart of this engine lies its AI-driven ideation capability. By employing advanced algorithms, it assists in brainstorming and conceptualizing designs, alleviating the initial hurdles of the creative process. Users can input prompts or preferences, allowing the engine to generate a spectrum of design ideas.

Geometry and Material Overrides

Flexibility is key in the world of design. This engine empowers users with the ability to override geometries and materials swiftly. This feature enables rapid prototyping and experimentation, facilitating quicker iterations to achieve the desired outcome.

Explore Mode: Pre-made Settings for Inspiration

The Explore Mode serves as a treasure trove for designers. It offers pre-made settings and configurations, providing inspiration and a starting point for ideation. Users can explore a plethora of settings, igniting creativity and streamlining the design process.

Render Selection and Region-Specific Rendering

Precision is paramount in design, and this engine caters to that need by allowing users to render specific regions of their designs. This selective rendering feature saves time and resources, ensuring focus on the areas that require attention.

Seed-Based Rendering

Rendering using a seed opens up endless possibilities. By manipulating seeds, users can generate variations of designs, enabling exploration of diverse options effortlessly.

Try Veras For yourself!

Are you interested in trying Veras for yourself? Download and try Veras Here!




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