Collection of multiple 3d fully parametric casework Revit families, including base, full height and upper cabinets with various options for door, drawers and open shelving configurations. The families contain parameters for materials, dimensions, hardware, base and dividers options, making it easy to customize each instance for the desired function and style.




Overall Cabinet


Type parameters defining overall cabinet width, depth and height dimensions.


Instance parameter defining overall cabinet material.


Instance parameters assigning horizontal and vertical dividers.




Choose between 3 nested families to define hardware type. Options:

  • Edge Pull
  • Knob Pull
  • Linear Bar Pull


Multiple instance parameters to define hardware location and size.


Instance parameter defining hardware material.


Door Panel


Choose between different nested families to define the cabinet door panel configuration. Options:

  • Glass
  • Infill Panel
  • Shaker and Rail
  • Slab


Instance parameter defining panel rail width and bottom offset.


Multiple Instance parameters defining panel materials.




Choose between different nested families to define the cabinet base configuration. Options:

  • Circular Feet
  • Floating
  • Flush
  • Square
  • Toe Kick Base


Multiple instance parameters defining toe depth, base height, width and others.


Instance parameters defining base material.



CDS – Caseweork Design Series

Shared Parameters designed to accommodate the CDS designation based on the AWI – Architectural Woodwork Institute – standards. This is an instance based shared parameter allowing the designers to customize the parameters for each model element and tag using our custom AWI Casework Tag.


Note: The pre-defined CDS designations in this package is a representative approximation to the AWI standards. To correctly identify the CDS designations, please refer to the AWI website.





Graphic Display

Plan View

When selected in plan view, the instances display a blue arrow representing the model facing directions. Also, the instances contain flip control arrows to help the user quickly modify the element orientation.


Custom Annotation Families

Casework Tag_AWI

Custom tag that follows the AWI  -  Architectural Woodwork Institute – standards. This tag reports the model width, height and depth values, as well as the CDS Series shared parameters created for this purpose.

For more information on the CDS Series shared parameters, see Featured Parameters – Others - CDS – Note: Caseweork Design Series. To successfully use this tag, make sure to load our Shared Parameter file into your project, which is also included in this package.


Casework Family Tag

Custom tag that displays the casework family name.

Casework Library

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    1. Revit 2018 Casework Library with multiple Model and Annotation Families
    2. Shared Parameters file to be used with the EvolveLAB Revit Ecosystem, including the families included in this product.

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