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Advancement in Software Technologies Enables Access to Healthcare for Billions Worldwide.

ATLAS Group London, Ltd. (ATLAS) announced today it hit the latest milestone for its ICAS® Platform having completed its virtual testing for ICAS® and reaching its Proof of Concept target.

The ICAS® Platform is an end-to-end technology platform enabling rapid delivery of high-quality healthcare facilities at a fixed cost. By offering unique solutions in technology and design, ICAS® will expand the global reach of healthcare services and reduce costs – making better access to quality healthcare a reality for communities around the world.

“We are excited to be working with Bill Allen and his team at EvolveLAB,” said David Harper. “They share our vision of making global healthcare more accessible…”

The COVID-19 pandemic spotlights existing strains on healthcare systems around the world and the importance of investing in healthcare infrastructure. Using technology to leapfrog progress is needed now more than ever. “We are excited that we have reached this important milestone,” said ATLAS Co-Founder and CEO David Harper. “Through our engagement with customers, there is an emerging consensus that they are looking for innovative methods to develop their healthcare infrastructure, leaving costly and time-consuming traditional models behind. There is a real need for Smart, “Fast Track” platforms like ICAS® which can be used to deliver higher volumes at better value.” “We are also excited to be working with Bill Allen and his team at EvolveLAB,” said David Harper. “They share our vision of making global healthcare more accessible, and we could not have found better partners for this journey.” Bill Allen, Founder and CEO of EvolveLAB said, “We are so excited to be partnering with David and the ATLAS team. Generative Design makes so much sense for healthcare. The world needs better access to healthcare services, and we are leveraging the latest technologies to help get it to them. The full ICAS® Platform is currently in development and our next milestone is beta. We are working full steam ahead and are pleased to see David and his team already utilizing parts of the Platform to their customers’ benefit.” David Harper said, “Healthcare stakeholders simply don’t have the time to wait several years for a hospital to be designed and built. Our platform is aimed at customers in both the public and private sectors seeking a higher quality product and better value from their capital investments. These are customers who have experienced the delays, conflict, disputes and poor quality associated with conventional project delivery models, and they are fed up with the status quo. Like us, they know the industry needs to take a giant leap forward, and ICAS® is a giant leap.” Allen said, “The ICAS® platform uses multiple BIM 2.0 and digital twin technologies leveraging Agile sorting algorithms including auto-routing of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing algorithms optimizing resources and allowing us to focus on the tools that matter most to ATLAS and its customers. ICAS® allows customers to design, cost and plan the construction of healthcare projects easily and quickly enabling them to build high quality healthcare facilities that deliver the best patient care.” Maha Harper, Co-Founder and COO of ATLAS said, “We are also excited to be a part of Oracle for Startups. The Oracle cloud will play a key role in our global strategy in bringing ICAS® to remote communities around the world. Fifty percent of the global population don’t have access to primary healthcare services. Our innovative products and solutions allow customers to redefine the way they design, schedule, and deliver healthcare projects helping to transform global health and fight deadly diseases.”

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