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Align SketchUp 3D Warehouse Component To Existing Revit Model with Helix

1 | Create a Section Box of For Context Geometry

  • Adjust the section box so that only the necessary content gets exported to SketchUp for aligning Sketchup Components

2 | Export the Revit Model to SketchUp

  • Click the Export Active View button in the EvolveLAB Ribbon Tab

  • Open SketchUp, and Open the Helix UI button from the toolbar

  • Click the Import Revit button in the Helix UI

3 | Place the Desired Component in Space

  • Place the SketchUp component or group in the space by using the imported geometry for reference.

  • Align the component to the appropriate location

4 | Explode the sub-components & sub-groups

  • Double click on the component, and explode everything inside the component until you can no longer explode anything Currently the nested components and groups are not supported. Please let us know how important this feature would be for your workflows.

5 | Map the Component in Helix

  • Select the component

  • In the SELECTED ELEMENTS section change the selected Components to DXF in the dropdown

TIP: you might have to press the refresh button to see the map by component options

6 | Sync with Revit

  • Click the Sync SketchUp button in the Helix UI

  • With Revit open, click the Load Model button in the EvolveLAB Revit Ribbon Tab

Ideas & Feedback

Let us know how we can improve this workflow. Are the ideas below important to you for this workflow?

  • supporting nested components and groups

  • supporting edges that are not hidden for DXF conversion to Revit

  • bringing the dxf import into a family first and loading that family into Revit, instead of getting the DXF import directly into the Revit project. NOTE: you can can actually use Helix in an opened family, and can manually do this, but we could also automate it.

  • supporting materials so that they can be changed in Revit independently as you can in SketchUp

  • converting SketchUp materials to Revit materials

  • other ideas that could be useful to this workflow




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