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Beijing Daxing International Airport by ZAHA | SketchUp 3D Warehouse Model to Revit

I found the Beijing Daxing International Airport by Zaha Hadid Architects on the SketchUp 3D Warehouse!

Obviously, the next logical thing to do was to convert it to Revit using Helix.

3D Warehouse Model

Here’s the link to the model: Beijing Airport - Zaha Hadid | 3D Warehouse 5

Helix Mapping

  • The shell and glazing are mapped to Mesh (DXF) by layer

  • The airplanes are mapped by component

  • The floors are mapped to native Revit floors

Send to Revit

It’s so satisfying to see the geometry populate in Revit

Native Revit Floors

Having Fun With It

Made an animated floor plan by moving the level using the arrow keys!

Revit Model Download

You can download the converted Revit 2023 model here 6


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